in Danbury, CT.

I have been repairing, refinishing furniture for about 2 years now, so I am a novice.  Almost everything I do is a first for me.  It started out as a need because I needed furntiure for my sons bedroom but had very little money and I did not want pressboard furniture.  I met with a couple that work in real estate and when sellers move, they leave furniture behind, so they have a little shop and sell them.  I was able to purchase entire bedroom set for my son for $125 (and a nightstand for me), which I repaired and refinished.  After that, I started to pick up furniture to repair & refinish as a hobby.  My small condo is not updated enough yet for me to do proper staging.  I don't even have a corner in the garage to set up a make shift stage, but I am working on that.  I saw a few of the professional submissions and I admit, I am intimidated.  The younger me would have pulled all of my submissions out claiming to be not good enough.  The older me is more phillosophical, if I don't place or win, its okay.  It's all part of the learning experience andI will try harder next time.  When I started out, I just did not have the funds to purchase chalk paint.  I had to make my own.  That's why there are so many homemade chalk paint recipes.  One thing I did know was that the finish had to be great, so I spent the extra money to buy General Finishes Arm R Seal.  

I work two jobs now; my full-time job is an Office Manager of the Danbury Veterans Center, which offers readjustment counseling to combat veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI, and MST.  I love working with our nation's veterans.and their families.  My part-time job is was an Associate for Lowes Home Center in Danbury, CT.  I really enjoy working with these great people and making customers happy with their purchase for home improvement.

I graduated from Post University in Waterbury, CT in 2014 at age 55.  I wanted to make sure both of my sons finished their college educations first. My youngest son, Sean, graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI and works as a Chef in country club with a golf course.  My oldest son, MacDaniel, went ot John Jay College works for Spectrum Cable.  Sean is engaged to a lovely young lady, Eulissa and MacDaniel is married to a marvelous lady, Andrea.  

I live alone but I am not lonely.  I love to work at all of my jobs and I truly enjoy my furniture refinishing hobby that gives me joy and some extra money.  I love all types of mediums of painting, staining, glazing and refinishing.  I love the ideas that I get from General Finishes and from General Finishes University on facebook and Pinterest.  I love seeing what other people accomplish and when something I truly like comes up, I want to try it too!  I have overcome a lot of fears, such as repairing damaged furniture, epoxy resin pouring, and staining (yes I was very afraid I would get this one completely wrong!). It has all been a learning experience and I have finally found my calling.  A little late in life but I finally heard it!

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