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re.invent.ed custom designs is a small family-operated business located in rural central Pennsylvania. We specialize in creating wood shapes perfect for workshops and home decor.

In the fall of 2015, we began creating wood products for use in craft and painting workshops.  Made from 1/4 inch maple or birch, our pre-sanded, paintable shapes are a great way to expand your workshop offerings. They are lightweight enough to hang using adhesive strips or you can add wire or twine as needed. A little paint, pattern, and decorative bow = a happy customer who can't wait to return for the next class!

Our current inventory is always expanding to include new trends and holiday offerings. Many of our products would also be a great addition to a gallery wall or for use in staging furniture for photography.  

We also offer custom pieces tailored to your needs. Find us at and get ready to schedule those workshops!

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