Virginia Aiello

Co-Owner and Furniture Designer at Two Old Souls in Wake Forest, NC.

My name is Virginia. I am a wife, mother of 3, former marketing professional and current admin for Flipping Furniture for Profit and co-owner of Two Old Souls. I run on Jesus, lots of strong coffee, sarcasm and paint fumes. My favorite smell is general finishes gel stain – not really, but I do love that smell. For years I dabbled in painting pieces of my own as they needed facelifts and building pieces like a headboard bench and the built-ins for our mudroom and laundry room. When we moved in 2016, and our house was suddenly twice the size, we had a real need for more furniture, and no budget to buy what I had in mind. Out came my paint brush! After refinishing several of my own pieces, I distinctly remember calling my husband on the way home from an impromptu Craigslist run to tell him that I had just bought a table. “What?! Why? You just bought a table and refinished it.” “Yeah…But I’m going to sell this one.” And so it began.  Around the same time, Two Old Souls was born. Two Old Souls is the brain child of two friends who were gabbing during a play date. “Hey, I bought a pedestal table to sell…oh, and a coffee table.” “What? I love painting furniture. We should go into business together.” “Yeah, that could be fun.” …Or something to that effect. It was one of the most impactful conversations I've ever had and it happened while we were only half paying attention to eachother. The rest is history. 

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