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Artistic Designer at Sandy Roe, Artistic Designer in Medford, WI.

I’m a born and raised dairy farm girl from Wisconsin. As far back as I recall, I’ve loved to create - likely out of necessity and out of God-given passion. I recall trying to even make my own shoes - I didn’t want to have any clothes like others in junior high! I grew up in 4-H club where I exhibited at local fairs in sewing, cattle, home furnishings and baking. In high school, you would most often find me either in the art room throwing pottery, or in the dark room developing photos, or in tech ed room building furniture. I was off to college but soon realized I didn’t want to spend 4 years there. Prayed for a husband, redirected to tech college, and met my husband - we’re going on 40 years of marriage!   We have five kids - now young and successful adults, and soon 11 grandchildren. The nest is empty but yet overflowing! Over the years, I’ve renovated homes and redecorated - ours, our families as well as local churches.   I have taken workshops and retreats in decorative finishing of interiors, bas relief, airbrushing, color theory, countertop renovations and so much more - I never grow tired of learning! My hobbies include perennial gardens, edible landscapes, in the past - Koi fish and ponds, a chocolate lab, sewing, quilting, painting, encaustic arts, and, of course, reimagining furniture and giving it a new upscale and artistic look and quality.   You may ask, how long have you been doing this? My answer will be, all of my life! I felt God speaking to me - step out in faith to work in the passions I’ve given you. Honestly, I resigned my full-time medical transcriptionist career (nearly 30 years) the end of 2014 to delve into my business full time - with all brushes loaded. I would say my biggest inspiration is my Dad. I would watch him fix and restore vintage cars and pickups.   Currently, my favorite technique or specialty is creating layers of colors, stenciling and textures - such that even I cannot duplicate it which equals a one-of-a-kind finish for the forever owner. I continue to experiment with new finishes and products. I hope that I can provide a very customized furniture piece for my clientele - whether custom order or furniture I’ve been “tagged” and snagged to give new life to.

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"Mossy Oak"

By Sandy Roe, Artistic Designer at Sandy Roe, Artistic Designer in Medford, WI.

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Spotting an ad in the local buy/sell group, I snagged this piece that was stated to be from the 1970s.  Knowing furniture, I knew the construction/design was much earlier than said era.  It had been painted, and painted, and painted, then decals stuck on to embellish!  Oh My!  Hauled it home, with the help of my faithful husband..began stripping away layers upon layers of paint - then sanding both by orbital sander and then sandpaper wrapped over end of a putty knife - to get into all of those corners and crevices.  This baby took a LONG time.

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