Heather Anne Naples

in Orlando, FL.

Hi! My name is Heather Anne and I am a DIY and Home Decor blogger! I enjoy upcycling, repurposing and refinishing items in my own home as well as in others! I love chalk paint, power tools and anything thrifted and vintage. I am known (affectionately) as a "dumpster diver" because a majority of my thrifted items are found in the trash. While training for a marathon I realized that because I live in Florida I was training SUPER early in the morning or SUPER late at night, exactly the same time that most people were putting things curbside for the garbage pickup! I couldn't believe the things I found that people were willing to throw away. I began documenting my finds and the ways that I upcycled and repurposed them and my social media following grew from there. 

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