Shabby with a Shimmer in ZELIENOPLE, PA.

Facing my empty nest years as a young widow with time on my hands and no idea what i wanted to do, i was forced to “repurpose” myself. It all started with the desire to change my surroundings. After painting every wall in my house in a new color scheme i started on the decor. My first project with chalk paint, was painting and distressing all of my gallery wall picture frames to go with the new colors. I enjoyed that so much i moved onto my bedroom furniture, kitchen cabinets, a trunk, side table and hutch my gramma bought me in 1986 as a house warming gift. Once i had my own furniture done i started combining my love of yard sale-ing with repurposing and refinishing my finds and giving them away too family or friends. I joined Artisans of Western Pa to get public exposure for my work and to cross over from a hobby to a business. The name i picked for my budding business is Shabby with a Shimmer, twice loved furnishings. Most of my pieces have a metallic component, reminding me that no matter how shabby things are, look for the shimmer and make it shine and just like my pieces i have created a new life and love <3

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