Wood Carvings & Sculpture


By T & W Olsen, Owners at Redwood Market

Winning Category

This project was made as a housewarming gift to family friends who bought their first home. It was made by hand starting with rough sawn hard maple and cherry. It was shaped with a plane, spoke shave, and sanding. The "B" for their name was carved using chisels, and is flanked on the top and bottom with brass dowels.

It was finished in the following order with General Finishes products:

Mahogany stain --Patina Green Milk Paint - Snow White Milk Paint - High Performance


By Edgar WK

Winning Category

Using hand chisels and a mallet I carved this 3 foot Indian from a basswood log.

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Hibiscus flowers in bloom

By Derek McDonald in Rochester, NH.

Winning Category

Woods: Basswood ( tilia americana)

After some practice carving traditional forms that would be found on furniture or architectural elements, I stumbled across the work of Grinling Gibbons, a 17th century English carver, famous for his intricate lifelike cascades of flowers, fruits, and animals. I was immediately taken aback by the beauty and skill of his work and decided to try a project in his style. I chose my wife's favorite flower, the hibiscus, as the subject, and gave it to her as a gift for Christmas. 

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Ternary Waves

By Nick Endle

Winning Category

This project consists of 3 walnut panels, each measuring 11 3/4" wide by 48" long, and just about 1" thick. They will be mounted in a stainless steel frame in the client's home - so I needed a high quality finish all around the panels, not just the carved side.

I wanted to finish the project with something that would really highlight the flow and the ripples in the beautiful walnut lumber - but also have some film protection. So naturally I went with General Finishes.

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By Justin Fiaschetti at Fiaschetti Woodworking

Winning Category

My goal for this sculpture was to contrast the traditional form that wood comes in. I wanted to show that wood could be light and fluid while still being strong enough to suports itself. Ribbon has 150 separate pieces and is made of Walnut, Maple, and Lacewood. I loved the ironic nature of using lacewood to make a ribbon. I sanded this piece up to 320 grit and then polished it with steel wool. I wanted to allow the piece to speak for itself so I went with a matte finish. I used 3 coats of wipe on poly sanding in between coats.

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By Kelly & Dan Jenkins at Captiva Home in Berlin, MA.

Winning Category

Meticulously hand carved from birch and cherry wood, sanded to soft, smooth finish, details were handpainted and finally protected with satin spray lacquer. Each stainless steel wire whisker was shaped and placed to enhance the dimensional artwork. 

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Labyrinth on Wall

By Woodworking Maniak, Owner

Winning Category

A prayer labyrinth is a labyrinth used to facilitate prayer, meditation, spiritual transformation, and/or global unity. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is designed for ease of navigation, and it is impossible to get lost within one.

This is a custom wall art piece that has a final dimension of 46" x 46". Labyrinth engraved in front with 4 keyhole slots on back to allow flush mounting to wall.

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