Winner! Tribute - Neck Through Hollow Body Guitar

By Mike Poorman at Woodshop Mike in Jasper, GA.

Winning Category

This guitar is crafted from Maple, Sapele, and Rosewood.  The combination of materials and construction methods I used produced an instrument that has long lasting sustain and a wide array of tonal options.  The design of this guitar was influenced by the hard geometric lines seen across many aspects of design, but my goal was to tame that aesthetic while hinting to the original inspiration for a guitar's shape.  

The finishing process started by dying the top before assembling it to the body.  After assembly, I sanded the edge of the top to create a faux binding effect.  With everything sanding to 220, I taped off the fretboard and began spraying lacquer.  The unfortunate thing about acid catalyzed lacquer is how harsh the chemicals are.  I'll be switching to Enduro-Var for my next build!  A week after spraying the lacquer, I buffed the guitar to a mirror finish and installed the remaining hardware.  


Products Used

  • aniline dye
  • acid catalyzed lacquer

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