Small Curly Maple Wood Bowl

By Charlie Hamilton at YoungWoodworker in Richmond, VA.

Winning Category

     This maple salad bowl is 4" in diameter and 2" tall. I made this bowl out of some local wood that was destined to be turned into firewood. This bowl has a lot of interesting character including curly figure. 

      The finishing process for this bowl started at the lathe with sanding. I sanded with and electric power sander from 120 grit to 320 grit. Next, I lightly raised the grain with water, and set the bowl to dry. After drying, I contenuied the sanding process going from 320 grit through 600 grit. Next, I took the bowl out of the chuck and turned it around into a jam chuck to turn of the foot. After turning and sanding the foot I signed the bowl with a woodburning tool. Finally, I took the bowl out of the lathe and applied a few coats of all natural walnut oil for a food safe finish. To apply the finish I first coated the whole surface libraly and spreaded it to cover the whole bowl. I conteniued to apply walnut oil in this manner untill the bowl would not soak up anymore. 

      This is my usual finishing process for salad bowls. This product  makes an all natural food safe finish which really ecsentuates the bowls to natural beauty, while still allowing the bowl to be used to years and years.

Products Used

  • Mike Mahoney's Walnut Oil

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