Seahorse Chic

By Marc James at The Blue Fallow

Winning Category

 Being an older piece I was worried about some bleedthrough  so I covered the entire piece with some satin enduro-var urethane.  Hope it works! The colors on this we're pretty interesting.  I used milk paint! I started with a Queenstown gray base coat. I covered the lower portion of the chest and other areas that needed some darkening with a mixture of coastal blue and the green patina. I highlighted certain areas with persimmon and then did a thinner wash over the whole piece with a mix of patina green, halcyon blue, and Klein blue. The chest features wall coverings from Spoonflower that have seahorses and orange algae on them. Overall a super fun project! Hope you like it!

Products Used

  • Persimmon milk paint
  • Queenstown gray milk paint
  • Patina Green milk paint
  • Coastal blue milk paint
  • Klein blue milk paint
  • Halcyon blue milk paint
  • Enduro var urethane

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