Rust and Lace

By Melissa Flippin, Owner/Artist at Flippotential Custom Finishes in Wheelock, TX.

Winning Category

A family antique received a complete makeover. The body was first base coated with a mixture of GF Antique White and Driftwood milk paints (to prevent bleed throigh). I then painted in GF Antique white, slightly distressed, glazed with Van Dyke Brown and sealed with GF HP Topcoat  

The drawer fronts were painted with MM iron paint. Then we did a raised stencil with AE Pearl Plaster, lightly tinted with GF Patina Green to create a subtle aqua color. Next, we sprayed MM Rust Activator and let it flow over the raised stencil, then sealed with HP Topcoat. 

The top was done with GF Java Gel and sealed with HP Topcoat. 

Project Category

Products Used

GF Antique White milk paint
GF Van Dyke Brown glaze
GF HP Topcoat
GF Java Gel
GF Patina Green milk Paint
Artisan Enhancements Pearl Plaster
Modern Masters Iron paint
Modern Masters Rust Activator
Royal Design Stencil- All Over Brocade
GF Driftwood milk paint

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