Red Mallee natural edge bowl

By Todd Halleman in Wilsonville, OR.

Winning Category

When I think of turning a Burl cap, I think of two different ways. The one in my other enter (winged) or the one in this entry (even walled). They both are completely different, and how the Burl is sharped is how I decide what one to do. In this one, the Burl was really oddly shaped, so I did thin walled. That way you can see the shape of the burl and it gives it a "woah! That was turned on a lathe?" effect.

Red mallee is extremely hard wood. I am used to big leaf maple. Red Mallee is 3.5 times harder than big leaf maple. That led to a lot of time over at the grinder. But when you get a clean cut and sand it nicely, man! That wood pops. 

I sanded it starting wet sanding with 120 grit used Howard's feed N wax and sanded up to 1200. Once I used the 1200 grit, the burl seemed to have a 3D appearance to it. The wood is incredible, and I can't wait to turn more. 


Products Used

  • Howard's feed N wax
  • Red Mallee Burl cap

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