New Direction

By Ric Taylor in Houston, TX.

Winning Category

“New Direction” is a piece of Mesquite wood that came from a dead tree on the King Ranch in southern Texas.  The surface was dirty, rotted and perforated with worm and insect tunnels.  When the bad surface wood was cut away, beautiful wood was exposed.  In effect, the wood was reborn.  The Mesquite was turned into a hollow form, and then it was cut apart with a top and bottom and several rings.  The rings were carved and shaped, and then bleached.  The pieces were put back together and the top and bottom were hand rubbed with an oil finish.  The finished piece stands 15" x 6".  The reborn wood continues the cycle of life with new purpose.

Products Used

  • The vessel is made from Mesquite wood. Parts of it were bleached and the rest was finished with hand-rubbed finishing oil.

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