My Mothers Treasure

By Rhonda Dracoulis, Owner at RK3 Designs in Seguin, TX.

Winning Category

      This lovely piece called tugged at my heart when a friend told me her family was just wanted to burn it because they didn't think it could be fixed. She explained to me that it was her mothers and she just couldn't destroy it. I was basically it's last chance. I took the challenge and jumped in with both feet. 

      Covered with a thick mildew, broken and missing trim pieces, damaged and missing veneer and a chipped off corner, I spent a week just cleaning and making repairs. Missing trim pieces were replaced with handmade ones I molded out of a clay polymer. Once repaired and cleaned, I primed the entire piece, inside and out. The exterior body was painted with GF Chocolate Brown milk paint followed by layers of Dixie Belle Drop Cloth, Fluff, Manatee, AS French Linen and Paris Grey. Trim on door was highlighted with Gold foil then the piece was waxed with clear/dark wax. The top was troweled with Artsiville texture medium then painted with GF Chocolate Brown, Modern Masters Metallic Bronze and glazed with GF Van Dyke Brown then sealed with GF High Performance top coat. 

     When my friend saw her newly refurbished piece, she cried and told me her mother would be proud. THIS is why I love my job!!! 

Products Used

  • GENERAL FINISHES: Chocolate Brown milk paint, Van Dyke brown Glaze, High Performance Top coat
  • DIXIE BELLE: Drop Cloth, Fluff, Manatee, Clear/Dark wax
  • ANNIE SLOAN: Paris Grey, French Linen
  • MISC: Artsiville Texure medium and foil adhesive, Gold Foil, crackle medium, Clay polymer, Mica powder.

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