Rustic Farmhoue table

By Melissa Flippin, Owner/Artist at Flippotential Custom Finishes in Wheelock, TX.

This little coffee table was a quick, easy project. I love the combination of gray paint paired with natural wood grain. 

Originally, this had a very dark stain on it, was kind of non-descript looking and zero wow factor. 

I stripped and sanded the top. I applied GF Van Dyke Brown glaze between the planks to give it some contrast. I love seeing all the knots and imperfections showing in the natural wood. The base and drawers were painted GF Driftwood milkpaint, then glazed with GF Van Dyke Brown glaze. 

I spray painted the handles black. 

The whole piece was sealed with HP Topcoat Satin. 

What a transformation from a dark, semi-modern looking table to total Urban Farmhouse!! 

Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesCombination

Products Used

  • GF Driftwood milk paint
  • GF Van Dyke Brown glaze
  • GF HP topcoat satin

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