Bodda Boom Bodda Bling

By Melissa Flippin, Owner/Artist at Flippotential Custom Finishes in Wheelock, TX.

Another attic rescue, but this one was super special. This little mini chest came from my dad’s house. He passed away 14 years ago and when the home recently sold, I was given this piece by my precious, angel-on-earth, step-sister-in-law.  

When I started to work on it, I opened the top and I was overwhelmed with a wonderful, sweet smell- my dad’s favorite pipe tobacco(Borkum Riff Rum).  I then remembered this was the chest where my dad kept all his “stuff”.  So many memories flooded my head!  The whole time I worked on it, I felt like my dad was sitting right beside me (maybe he was!). 

I wanted to do something a little modern and blingy with this one. I painted with GF Antique White, GF Driftwood, AS Scandanavian, AS French Linen, Amy Howard Palmer Pink and Gold Leaf. The entire piece was sealed with GF HP Topcoat Satin. 

I chose a boho-style heartbeat pattern, did a little blending of the colors and let my imagination do the rest! I also covered the hardware with Gold Leaf. 

To bring the story full circle, my precious sister-in-law purchased the piece!  As they say in Italy, “La Famiglia e tutto!”


Project Category

Upcycling Merit CategoriesHotline Bling

Products Used

  • GF Antique White
  • GF Driftwood
  • GF HP Topcoat Satin
  • Annie Sloan Scandanavian
  • Annie Sloan French Linen
  • Amy Howard Palmer Pink
  • Gold Leaf

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