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Born and raised in San Jose, California, I was introduced into woodcraft at a young age by helping my father with some projects in garage. One of the first tests of my budding skills was building a downhill derby car. Fast forward many years and I dedicated my time to woodworking at a local occupational center, learning to be more proficient in hand and power tools. After graduating, I landed a coveted job at a custom cabinetry shop, where I was given the best tool possible: a key to the shop. Staying after hours is where my creativity soared and I started making my own cabinets, butcher blocks, electric guitars, a butcher block electric guitar (it was very heavy), and more.

I love dogs, the ocean, music, art, and learning new things. In recent years, I have been taking fire science classes at a local college and working as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) for Santa Clara County. On my off time, woodworking has been my outlet to express my creativity and unwind from the stresses of the job. Currently I am working on being able to take my love for woodworking and make it into a living. Be sure to follow me on social media to keep up with my story!

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Contest Entries

2017 Entries

Ash Live Edge Coffee Table

By Jarred Fedor at Fedor Woods

Winning Category

This coffee table is made of Modesto Ash, that was destined to become firewood. I grew up with this Ash tree, it watched me and my brothers grow up. Unfortunately the tree was diseased and had to be taken down. I talked to the arborist and made a deal with them to leave me the trunk as a whole piece. They dropped it, my dad and I spent the next few days clearing up all of the brush and cut the limbs into manageable pieces of firewood. The next day I spent a few hours using an alaskan chainsaw mill slabbing up the tree into 10/4 sections.

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