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My name is Evija and I run a crafts, upcycling and DIY blog called From Evija with Love. I created From Evija with Love to share my passion for home interior,  DIY, upcycling, creative art and simply crafting! I love to upcycle and create things out of nothing or simply to relove a piece that has been forgotten. I do not see flaws, I see a potential and something beautiful in everything.. 

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Contest Entries

2017 Entries

Geometric Compass Table cut out from Floor Boards

By Evija Roberts, From Evija with Love, Mrs at From Evija with Love

Winning Category

I created this Compass Table for an upcycling contest.  As I wanted to get creative, I did not want to simply stain the table, so I decided to individually cut out each piece and stick it back together! I used real oak flooring panels (how appropriate!) to make a table top . I drew the pattern on the planks, that were put and then glued together and cut the shapes out one by one using a jigsaw. To create a nice look with different wood grains, I simply twisted the wooden pieces in different directions. I then glued each piece together on plywood.

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