The Charmed Workshop

Owner at The Charmed Workshop in Appleton, WI.

Businesswoman, mom of 2 boys, writer/photographer - I'm happiest when I'm creative. Wish I had discovered this furniture passion years earlier than just the  last 4. I love to see a tired, outdated piece that no one wants and by imagining it differently, turn it into something to love again!

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Vintage record cabinet

By The Charmed Workshop, Owner in Appleton, WI.

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A quick scan of a local garage sale post gave me a peek of a spindle leg. I just knew it was MCM. When the owner gave me a full pic, I instantly saw the end result in my mind. When that happens, I had to have it. Java was my only choice. For the first time, I contrasted it with pure white. I even cut my stencil just right to easily place it flat on the door. A bit of gold on the handles and feet were the finishing touches, and inspired by the vintage butterflies I bought from the same person. To keep that vintage 70's feel, I used a fun green on the interior.

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