Kate Selby

Woodturner and Carver in Salem, OR.

I've been working with wood in one form or another for about 40 years.

Way back then I was rescuing discarded furniture pieces and loving them back to life again. Then I began building things I needed because they weren't available or in my budget and later took up carving.

I'm relatively new to turning only having gotten serious about it a few years ago but I find that has opened up so many creative avenues that at times I'm afraid I may have more going on in my head than in my shop. Eventually it all comes out though. I hope to combine carving with turning more and more as my turning skills improve and my tool collection grows, that's the plan anyway. 

Detail. I love detail. In my younger years I worked as a custom jeweler and still seem to focus more on the little things rather than the larger picture. Being retired now, I have the luxury of focusing on whatever strikes my fancy. 

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