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Heather Akers is a forty-something who picked up a paintbrush at the age of four, and wondered to herself: How do I make this work? The daughter of two avid DIY'ers who excelled in metal work and photography, she was introduced early to oil, casein, and watercolor painting, illustration, basic carpentry, photography, and antique restoration. Her early paintings were first publicly exhibited when she was 16 years old. She enjoys using old school methods, and is inspired by patina surfaces created by both the artist and the passage of time. A science geek, Heather's personal motto is: "The technician must make the rules, so that the artist can break them." She firmly believes that a basic understanding of chemistry helps the artist create the look and feel they want.

Her work is sold in several boutiques throughout the New York City area, and she has a busy commission practice that includes painting and decorating. Heather delights in finding the perfect piece to help create the feel that her clients seek. She is coupled up with a wonderful man who understands her need for an arsenal of great shoes, respects her fascination with decorating, DIY projects, love of hardware stores, and compulsion to repaint rooms until they are "just right." She has 2 perfect dogs, no children, and is prone to breaking into interpretative dance (and occasional song) while painting. She dreams of a house on the sea coast in which nothing will ever be painted white.

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