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Gordon Pembridge was born in Kenya and spent his first ten years there. As a young boy being lucky enough to experience the wilds of Africa, along with many an adventure in the bush, Gordon has developed a passion for natural history.

Gordon completed his education at boarding school in Wanganui, New Zealand, also attending art school and various courses in design and chose the photographic trade as a career. Gordon now works for himself and is involved in graphic design, 3D design, fine art, illustration, photography, digital imaging, and woodturning.

Having moved to New Zealand, Gordon has been involved extensively with the great outdoors including tramping, hunting, fishing, scuba diving. Gordon has grown to love the New Zealand bush for its unique flora and fauna.

Another part of Gordon’s life is his artwork, particularly his natural history illustrations and fine art, this combined with his love of woodworking has also developed into woodturning. Gordon started woodturning in 2004 at the South Auckland Woodturners Guild. Gordon has developed a series of thin turned pieces with a pierced fern as a signature piece. In these pieces Gordon loves exploring the boundaries of woodturning on the lathe and then hand carving of intricate designs into the timber. The designs in Gordon’s turned pieces are inspired from his love of New Zealand natural history. Gordon has recently started hand engraving on steel and precious metals, have a look at his new exciting engraving gallery. © Gordon Pembridge All Rights Reserved

Gordons Wood Turning Clubs and Associations:

American Association of Woodturners Association of Woodturners of Great Britain Association of Woodturners South Africa National Association of Woodworkers New Zealand ​North Shore Woodturners South Auckland Woodturners Guild The Irish Woodturners Guild

Gordon is also an Associate Member of the Society of Animal Artists

An Introduction to the Society of Animal Artists

The Society of Animal Artists is an organization comprised of members who produce the best animal art in the world. The mission of the Society of Animal Artists is to promote excellence in the portrayal of domesticated and wild animals in art. The upshot of this nexus of talent and mission, is that artworks created by members of theSociety of Animal Artists have established new standards of excellence in fine art, and that the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists and its traveling exhibition, Art and the Animal, have become the standard by which all others are measured. The Society of Animal Artists has an historical affinity with organizations that grew out of a movement to form associations and clubs dedicated to art in the 19th century. Like the National Academy of Design and other such organizations, the Society of Animal Artists is mandated by its bylaws to organize annual exhibitions to ensure new, strong and fresh artwork and afford its members with ample display opportunities. It is also worthnoting that the Society of Animal Artists was founded in response to an exhibition entitled Animals in the Bronx Zoo, held at Burr Galleries in New York, because this established an historical affinity with the conservation movement, which various members have supported ever since, not only through the ecological message of their artworkbut also through generous contributions and sales. David J. Wagner, Ph.D., SAA Tour Director


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