Cait Whitson

European Creative Combos Judge

Carte Blanche Decorative Painters

I am the founding partner of Carte Blanche Decorative Finishes trading since 1986. Carte Blanche is a high end painting and decorating company that specialise in marbling, graining, gilding, furniture and cabinetry painting, couture wall finishes both contemporary and traditional, restoration and custom staining and timber refurbishment. Carte Blanche has built a remarkable reputation as a continuing source of expertise for other specialists and generalists in the decorative finishes market, providing training, courses, blog guidance, technical advice and highly specialised and high end paints and paint finishes. They have acted as stockists, wholesalers and distributors of paint and paint products.

I have taught extensively in the UK and across the USA and have been a General Finishes user and total fan since they came to our shores some 9 or 10 years back.

Good luck to all who enter and I look forward to seeing some fabulous entries from UK as well as across the world.

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