The Wooden Zebra

By SocialMedia

The Wooden Zebra was designed with a flare for an animal print in mind. General Finishes products made for an easy breazy project! I utilized the Lamp Black Milk Paint, Snow White Milk Paint and the High Performance Urethane Topcoat Satin for the finish. I painted the cabinet black on the oustide and taped off the door and the inside in order to paint those panels and pieces with the snow white. I then found a zebra pattern image and drew my stripes on the snow white panel using a bic pen. I completed the look by using a painters brush and brushed in my lines and filled in the stripes. The pattern became more defined with each layer.   

My project "The Wooden Zebra"  has inspired others with their own creative pojects.

Products Used

  • Lamp Black Milk Paint
  • Snow White Milk Paint
  • High Performance Urethane Topcoat Satin
  • 2'' Foam Brushes

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