Wheel Of Delicacy

By Michael Alguire, Machinist/woodturner in Datil, NM.

Winning Category

"Wheel Of Delicacy"

The Delicacy series is something I've been working on for quite some time after several attempts and a few fails i have one complete , I'm extremely happy this worked out and I'm on to my next one. This Technique is somewhat simple but time consuming.

Turned, wood burned, and pierced. Wood : Box elder size : 7.750" diameter 2.750" wide and 4.500" I.D. Faber castel , and acrylic Ink Stand is Gaboon Ebony

Products Used

  • Faber Castell india ink pens
  • Acrylicc Ink
  • wood burning
  • Tightbond Wood Glue

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