Viola, Coffee Station

By Rusted & Rescued, Owner

I like getting the pieces no one else wants. I don't mind putting in a little elbow grease and taking something abandoned, dirty, damaged or sad and performing CPR.  This small buffet had no doors when I found it and apparently had been used in a garage for storage. It was greasy, grubby and had some kind of foil stuck to it, not to mention a few spider egg cases.  I scraped and cleaned the inside to remove all the foil and goo. Then I physically scrubbed (twice) it all over with a scrub brush and a tooth brush in the details with detergent.  I stripped all the paint from the top and was pleased that the wood was in great shape.  I used Candlelite stain on the top.  Then I painted a base coat of Basil and went over that with a crackle medium.  I then went over that with Linen.  The final step was a coat of dark wax, My friend that purchased it specifically for a coffee station in her kitchen.


Products Used

  • Basil Milk Paint
  • Linen Milk Paint
  • Candlelite Stain

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