Verdigris French Cabinet

By Tonya-Delyla Design, Owner/Creative mastermind at Delyla Design

I spotted this little french cabinet at a yard sale for only $20!! I knew it had a lot of potential and was in good structural shape. It had definitely been neglected and looked like it had been stored in a basement for many years. This was confirmed when loading it into my vehicle, there must have been a hundred spider eggs on the bottom.Gross, I know. Thankfully I had my handy "debugging kit" that I take along with me when I'm on the hunt for furniture.

 I knew I wanted to give this french cabinet a patina layered copper finish.I started by painting a base coat of Paint Couture, Emerald Green. I then lightly dry brushed General Finishes, Patina Milk Paint on the entire piece allowing some of the emerald to peek thru. I used cheesecloth to dab Copper Metallic Paint in random areas. I painted the inside of the cabinet with Patina Green and then I deepened the finish by glazing the entire piece with Glaze Couture, Copperhead. Next, I applied General Finishes, High-Performance Flat to protect the painted finish.

I wanted to create a hammered Copper finish on the top. I mixed Paint Couture Madagascar Mocha into Embossing Medium. I applied a medium coat of tinted Embossing Medium with a trowel. I then used a tack hammer to lightly tap to create a textured hammered finish. I then applied two coats of Glaze Couture, Copperhead. 

I enjoyed giving this neglected piece of furniture a fancy new verdigris finish. 



Products Used

  • General finishes, Patina Milk Paint
  • General Finishes, High Performance Flat
  • Paint Couture, Emerald Green Paint
  • Paint Couture, The Collection Copper Metallic Paint
  • Paint Couture, The Collection Copperhead Glaze Couture
  • Paint Couture, The Collection Embossing Medium
  • Paint Couture, The Collection Madagascar Mocha

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