Turquoise Mid Century High Boy Dresser

By Jennifer Cahill, Owner at Trillium Park Designs, Olympia WA

Winning Category

I love when a client stays true to the color palette of the era and opts for a genuine Mid Century color on a Mid Century piece of furniture! The top of this stylish high boy dresser was stripped and the frame and drawer fronts sanded to give a solid foundation for this pretty turquoise color. I used this mix on a couple of past projects and loved the deep saturated color. The formula is as follows: 2 parts Lamp Black, 2 parts Corinth Blue, and 1 part Patina Green. 

After brushing two coats to the frame and three to the top and drawer fronts, I sprayed two coats of High Performance Top Coat to the frame and three to the top of the dresser and the drawer fronts for maximum durability and protection. The original brass hardware was chemically stripped and polished to a shiny sparkle with my favorite, Simichrome paste.

Products Used

  • Lamp Black Milk Paint
  • Corinth Blue Milk Paint
  • Patina Green Milk Paint
  • High Performance Top Coat

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