Tulipwood and Freshwater Pearl Dip Pen

By Manda Mercure, Owner at Mercure Pens in Windsor, ON, CA

Winning Category

This brilliant piece of tulipwood waited a long time to find its voice, sitting on the shelf, waiting for something special. What was thought to be a small knot turned out to be a hole straight through the wood. A chance for magic. The beautiful grey swirls of the grain contrast with the vivid pink tones, and perfectly complement the silvery purple freshwater pearl that sits atop as a crown. The hole is filled with crushed pearl shell and peeks out like a pair of glistening eyes. The finish is shiny like a calm lake and the depths within. When I use General Finishes Waterbased Turners' Finish I first apply two coats of varnish and allow the grain to rise before sanding that down with the coarsest grit of MicroMesh. I then apply up to 10 coats of varnish until I'm happy with the coating. I then meticulously sand through all grits of MicroMesh to flatten and remove any specks, working up to a fine gloss. I apply one last coat of varnish before polishing with only the two finest MicroMesh grits. The result is an absolutely beautiful high gloss finish that is so durable!

Products Used

  • GF Waterbased Turners' Finish

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