Tulip Table Custom Order

By William Patrick Customs, Owner/Artist in Grayslake, IL.

Winning Category

This Tupid base table was a order placed by a customer.  They had sent me a pic of what they wanted and in their words I "Nailed it".  I used GF light Brown DYE stain as the base stain for this table. Application was basic as dye stains have great coverage and allow grain to shine through even coverage.  I next needed to create a white wash like coat over the light brown dye stain.  I again Used  GF white chalk paint and cut it with water down to a 50/50 ratio. I applied an even coat over the entire table and wiped off the coat about a half min after applied.  This lighted the light brown with a unique transparent white coating over the dye stain.  After appropriate dry time I lightly hand sanded the surface to barely etch the surface to then strategically use GF white glaze effect on the edges, cracks and nooks.....however I also used it on big flat areas as well. A wipe on wipe off  me Those was used and played with to achieve desired look.  I then used GF Enduro Satin clear poly out of a spray system to give it the perfect glass (satin glass) like finish.  Having products like these from GF made this process easy and a ton of fun!

Products Used

  • General Finishes Light Brown DYE Stain,
  • General Finishes White Chalk Paint
  • General Finishes White Glaze Effect
  • General Finishes Enduro Clear Poly

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