Table Masterpiece

By Ryann ~ Junque With A Purpose at Junque With A Purpose

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Love when I get to do a client piece that is a challenge and I'm able to use my artistic ability. When asked how I complete some looks, I wish I could say it is a 3 step process but usually it's 20 or 40. :) I just keep "creating" until I love the finish and more importantly my client loves it. My initial plan was to use weathered gray and white wash stain. That alone was not enough to produce the finished look my client and I wanted. 


I then used a combination of Empire Gray, Cardamom Brown and Antique White with a wet  brush technique . I needed to soften the finish. After sealing with High Performance Topcoat I applied Van Dyke brown and 

Winter White Glaze. That's when we both said "that's it" and I completed the sealing. 


Antique White with Van Dyke Glaze Effects were used on the table base. 


Seeing this piece in her home makes me SO happy!

Products Used

  • Empire Gray
  • Cardamom Brown
  • Antique White
  • Weathered Gray stain
  • White Wash Stain
  • Van Dyke Brown Glaze effects
  • Winter White Glaze effects
  • HP Topcoat Satin

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