Table for Four

By Danielle-DLM Design-Fort Meade, MD at DLM Design

I happily snagged this little table set from my neighbor. I was surprised with three little kids how great the condition was. As I met a new military wife, who just moved on post, and disccusing furniture I showed her this little table set and she fell in love. I always love when a clinet has no real care in what the finish produt looks like, becasue they trust in the work you do. The only thing she wanted was dark furniture and red accents. Easy! My first thought, gel stain! I had used it before by just "paintng" it on but wanted to try something different. So I decided to sand down the top of the table and apply the gel stain and wipe it back, like a stain. My sanding job wasnt as perfect as I thought so after 6 coats I decided to just apply the gel stain like paint. I loved the look! The chairs got a coat of gel stain along with the bench legs. One thing I learned from applying gel stain to chairs is always wear gloves! I had gel stain every where, legs, hands, floor, hair, probably a few walls! Applied a quick coat of chalk paint and sealed it, added some fabric and we were good to go! 

Products Used

  • Java Gel Stain
  • Waverly Cashew
  • Minx Polycrilic

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