Winner! Suspension Table

By Stephanie Lunieski, Suspension Table at Lunieski Woodworking in Edina, MN.

Winning Category

To finish this table a sanded every surface to a 400 grit with a festool rotary sander and hand sanded the curved pieces between the legs. I broke the hard edges with a block plane and with sandpaper. I finally sprayed it with a satin conversion varnish, I sprayed two coats and lightly sanded it between them. I wanted to show of the beautiful color and naturally occuring medullary rays of the white oak and try to keep the wood looking at natural as possible. I love the look of the conversion varnish and the quickness and ease of applying it in a spray booth. 

Products Used

  • White Oak
  • 1/16th inch cable wires
  • stainless steel fasteners

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