Stop. Scroll back up. Stare.

By Dominica Costello

Winning Category

A sophisticated statement wrapped in the most modest of dress, this madam is simply a showstopper. The unadulterated essence of vintage chic, she swathed in a coat of General Finishes' antique white, turning out a stark show of unparalleled style: brilliant and beautiful, simple and sexy.


Refreshed with a coat of nourishing furniture salve, her lovely legs remain au natural, a rustic reminder of her grace, strength and age. Her past is what makes her, and she's not ashamed to show it. 


Sealed in a clear wax and topped with her original hardware, she's nothing short of resuscitated perfection. A true gem, who can find another just like her? There won't be. Guaranteed. So it's okay if you stop and stare. Ladies like her are once in a lifetime. 

Products Used

  • Antique white milk paint

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