Stenciled Dining Table

By Andrea Klercke, Furniture Artist/Owner at Home Girl Decor in Morrow, OH.

Stencils have come such a long way over the years!  I've always created my stenciled designs using a series of stencils which is a lot of work for larger areas.  And with this table being round, it was a challenge coming up with a design that wasn't just a repeat of of the same pattern all over the table such as a trellis pattern which I think works better on a square or rectangle table as far as laying out the design.  Then one day I saw a beautiful stenciled ceiling medallion in a photo and after some research, I was able to find the perfect ceiling medallion stencil for my project and chose a size slightly smaller than the table.  Score! 

GF Snow White Milk Paint was used for the stencil and for the base of the table.  And since the table was not in the best of shape to begin with, having some deep  scratches and gouges, I decided to go with a distressed finish.  The stenciled pattern looks like it's been worn away over the years.  The table was then sealed with GF High Performance Top Coat - Flat.

The table was staged with two colors of contemporary chairs for a more modern vibe, and to show that either color chair works great with this table.

Products Used

  • GF Snow White Milk Paint
  • GF High Performance Top Coat

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