Staircase Railing Java Gel Upgrade

By Tracy Eubanks

Winning Category

My Honey Oak Stair Railing was not cutting it in my house, so it had to go! Well, the color did anyway and Java Gel Stain was the one to replace it. I love the look paired with my upgraded Java Gel kitchen and everything else I Java Gel Stained in my house. First I cleaned the railing with 50/50 Denatured Alcohol and water and then sanded with a high grit sandpaper. I followed that by applying 3 coats of GF Java Gel Stain and then 3 coats of GF High Performance Satin Topcoat. It was tedious work but the finished project makes it so worth it. I love my new railing and it now makes a statement when people come into my home. 

Products Used

  • GF Java Gel Stain
  • GF High Performance Satin Topcoat

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