By Jacqueline Carucci

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the old shipping crate when I found it, but knew it had to be turned into something!!  The man I bought it from said he wanted to turn it into a CD rack, but he didn't have the time for it so he sold it.  The crate is from 1935 & still had the packing newspapers inside (all NY/NJ newspapers dated 1935) when I picked it up.  It also still had the original sticker/label on it showing it was used in transit between NY & Paris.  Too cool.  After a while of using it as a decoration, I decided that it needed to be turned into a coffee table.  So I welded a steel base for it & had a glass top cut for it.  After adding 3 wood slats for the bottom, the table was done.  I used GF Flat topcoat to seal & protect it from futher damage.  Coolest coffee table ever & everyone who comes to our home loves it immediately. 

Products Used

  • General Finishses Flat Top coat

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