Winner! Segmented Baseball Bat

By Justin Fiaschetti at Fiaschetti Woodworking

Winning Category

A baseball bat's sole purpose for existing is to hit balls traveling upwards of 100 mph... but what if that wasn't the case? That is the question that drove me to design this bat. I wanted to take a fully utilitarian tool and turn it into a work of art. Made up of 577 pieces, this bat definitely fits that description. It is made of Padauk, Curly Maple, Purple Heart, and Wenge. I took care to sand up to 600 grit and then burnish with steel wool until the wood shined. I wanted to show this piece off so I opted for a high gloss finish. I used Waterlox original. For the first coat I brushed the finish on, and reapplied it as the wood was thirsty and soaked up the initial coat. After the first coat I wiped on the finish with a soft cloth as the lathe spun it for the next 4 coats.

Products Used

  • Waterlox Original
  • titebond 3

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