Rustic Hickory Table and Benches

By Wesley Womack, Owner at WomackDesign in Scarville, IA.

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The project began with some ideas of what the customer thought weathered wood should look like. She grew up in Tennesse, and said the finish on the table top needed to be of multi color and show the true nature of Hickory. The table was originally delivered and was said to have to much red in the finish, so in the picture you can see the finish is still drying. I refinished the table in the customer basement.  I utilized Ebony Dye first, by  wiping a liberal amount on then using a Sheetrock knife I would drag that through the finish using a great deal of force too push the dye, and whip the extra finish off the knife.  Then I used medium brown stain on the knots and darker areas of the top. After drying, I mixed Ebony Dye with water 3 parts water one part Dye, to help create a very light silvery gray effect. I sanded trough the finish to highlight the white parts of the  Hickory to give contrast. I finished the top with General Finishes High Performance Satin. The base was built from Hickory and was dyed with Ebony and finished with High Performance. 

Products Used

  • GF Ebony Dye
  • GF Medium Brown Dye
  • GF Gray
  • GF High Performance Satin Poly

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