By Justin Fiaschetti at Fiaschetti Woodworking

Winning Category

My goal for this sculpture was to contrast the traditional form that wood comes in. I wanted to show that wood could be light and fluid while still being strong enough to suports itself. Ribbon has 150 separate pieces and is made of Walnut, Maple, and Lacewood. I loved the ironic nature of using lacewood to make a ribbon. I sanded this piece up to 320 grit and then polished it with steel wool. I wanted to allow the piece to speak for itself so I went with a matte finish. I used 3 coats of wipe on poly sanding in between coats. It was a challenge to get a consistant finish with all of the curves. To combat dripps, I started at the top of the piece, finishing both sides, and then worked my way down to maintain a wet edge. This sculpture is 18 inches high. 

Products Used

  • Wipe on Poly
  • titebond 3

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