By F. Yates in VA.

This poor guy was kicked to the curbside and on it's way to the trash yard, until I got my hands on him. Don't worry, we got permission from the owners before taking it out of the trash pile! ;-) This piece was literally resurrected from the dead. I had to wear thick gloves, long pants, long shirt, a face mask and eye protection to keep from getting it's grossness on me. It was covered in scratches, piles of red melted candy, hair, dust, dirt, get the point. 

I stripped this piece down with an industrial furniture stripper (twice), cleaned it with Ammonia, sanded it, cleaned it with Ammonia once again, sanded it again, and gave it one last bath in the Ammonia. After that I allowed it to dry really well. After the cleaning process was complete, I BAPTIZED this piece in General Finishes Milk Paint. I literally painted every inch, inside-and-out, top-and-bottom, at least 3 times, not including the sealer. After the painting process was done I added new hinges, repostioned and replaced the handles, lined the drawers and shelves and then sealed it with General Finishes High Performance Top Coat, 4 times.

This piece of furniture was a bad, the worst I have ever seen, but with A LOT of elbow grease and GF Milk Paint it is now cleaner and nicer than brand new! No joke, I would eat off of this piece now. Here's to a second chance! 

Color used: GF Snow White and a combination of GF of Driftwood, Seagull Grey and Snow White.

Sealer used: GF High Performance Top Coat in Flat

Products Used

  • Combination of GF Driftwood, Seagull Grey and Snow White
  • Sealed with GF High Performance Top Coat in Flat