Restoration Hardware Knockoff Dresser

By Tess Bourque, Owner at Renewed Treasures Studios in Duson, LA.


Restoration Hardware Knockoff Finish

We took an outdated boring dresser and we wanted to bring it into the modern vibe of Restoration Hardware look. So we came up with a plan to take several General Finishes products and create our look.

First we sanded down the entire piece to bare wood so that we would have an even base that was light enough to create the look we were desiring. We then added some General Finishes Snow White milk paint and dry brushed it over randomly on the entire piece. Then we also took General Finishes Driftwood milk paint and General Finishes lamp black milk paint and did the same thing. 

We wanted to create more of a washed effect so we took the General Finished Van Dyke Brown glaze over the entire piece covering all of the milk paint thus resulting in a toned down look. We then wanted to add some further dimension so we took General Finishes Burnt Umber Glaze effects and put that over the entire piece as well but wiped off more in areas and less in other areas. Creating what we believe is a great knockoff of the Restoration Hardware look. 

We hope you enjoy our finish as much as we do. Every time I walk in my bedroom I see this piece and it makes my heart skip a beat because I love it so much

Products Used

  • General Finishes Van Dyke brown glaze
  • General Finishes Burnt Umber
  • General Finishes Snow White
  • General Finishes Driftwood
  • General Finishes Lamp Black
  • Modern masters master clear

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