Redheart Dip Pen

By Tony Lira

2016Wood TurningBest Pen

This dip pen/nib holder was turned from a block of Redheart I had in my shop. The pen is 5.75 inches long by .625 inches thick at the widest part. After sanding to 800 grit, I applied 13 coats of woodturners finish, burnishing with shavings between coats. I staged the photo in front of the stone hearth of my fireplace. Black satin and a piece of white birch are seen in the background. The forefront has parchment folded and sealed with traditional red wax. 90% of the lighting is done by candlelight, which are placed just outside the picture edges (the TV was on too with the Cubs game on.) The photo was taken with with a long exposure and slightly enhanced in Photoshop. I wanted the pen and image to be placed in a somewhat acurate time period.

Products Used

  • Wood Turners Finish

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