Radiolarian VII

By Michael

Winning Category

A piece inspired by electron scanning photomicrographs of Radiolaria skeletons.  A form of unicellular life having a skeleton composed of glass the remnants of which were discovered millions of years after the life form died by scientists.  These forms of life are still to be found in the plankton of our oceans.

Turned, carved and textured from ancient Swamp Totara wood from New Zealand.  This wood is from a log dug up while excavating for a foundation to a large building and is probably of a similar age to some of the ancient Kauri wood that is found in the bogs of New Zealand.

The only finish used on this piece was a bit of Krylon Fixatif.   This leaves a matte finish and just gives the wood a bit of protection without altering the color or lustre of the wood.

Products Used

  • Ancient Swamp Totara
  • Krylon Fixatif

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