Piano Bar

By Ryann ~ Junque With A Purpose at Junque With A Purpose

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The dust didn't keep my vision from coming alive. Countless hours were put in by my husband to transform the bones of this antique piano into what would become the most beautiful piano bar. My oldest child who loves music and art was even motivated to help. 

I took over once all of the woodworking and staining was completed by my husband . I chose General Finishes Antique Walnut stain, Driftwood Milkpaint, Van Dyke Glaze and HP Topcoat. 


It was extremely important to keep as much of the original parts we could salvage while transforming her into a timeless , functional, conversation piece. 

I wanted to make sure the  wine/glasses and bottles could be "hidden" if desired. So thankful for my biggest fan and him working with me on this masterpiece. By far my favorite transformation to date. ~Ryann (Junque With A Purpose) 

Products Used

  • Antique Walnut
  • Driftwood
  • Van Dyke Glaze
  • High Performance Topcoat

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