Persimmon Mid Century Modern Dresser & Night Stand Set

By Jennifer Cahill, Owner at Trillium Park Designs, Olympia WA

I was really happy to find this two-piece bedroom set on Craigslist. So often the night stand and dresser have parted ways so it's always a plus to find the pair still together. The set checked off my usual criteria when selecting furniture for a redo...dove tail drawer construction, dust liners between drawer layers, and a solid build. And extra credit for super cute hardware!

After a thorough sanding, I used three coats of General Finish Persimmon milk paint on the body and drawer fronts and a fourth coat on the tops, sanding between each coat with a high grit sanding sponge. I topped it all off with several coats of General Finishes High Performance top coat in flat.

I absolutely love the original, heavy duty hardware on this set. I'm not sure what the finish is - perhaps they were electroplated? Whatever the material, they polished up to a beautiful shine with a little elbow grease. The little knot twist at the ends of each pull are incredibly sweet, I think.

The couple that purchased this set were expecting twins and planned to use it in their future nursery.  I was happy this fun, happy dresser set could help outfit their growing family.

Products Used

  • General Finishes Persimmon Milk Paint, High Performance Top Coat

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