Oversized Coffee Table

By JennLynnPhillips at Dust & Details

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This big sleek coffee table was once a pedestal dining table.  Modified down from it's original stature, it is now the focal point of any social living space.  After being stripped, sanded, and the grain stripped, this table was drenched in general finishes georgian cherry and black gel stains.  To give this beautiful oak veneer a little more pop, briwax ebony wax was used to fill the grain, followed by briwax clear wax for added protection and buffed to a satin sheen.  Waterlox original was used on the pedestal, legs, and rim to provide lasting protection and a gorgeous shine. 

Products Used

  • General finished gel stain in black
  • General finishes gel stain in georgian cherry
  • briwax in ebony
  • briwax in clear
  • zinnser shellac
  • waterlox original

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