Ombre Pearlised Wardrobe

By Tessa at Room Thirteen, Brighton, UK, Owner at Room Thirteen in Brighton, GB

Winning Category

Wardrobes can be quite imposing as they're quite big and bulky, I feel they should be made into a feature.  Beauty, functionality and a feature in your bedroom. 


I added Enduro Extender to Queenstown Grey and painted the bottom creating a really uneven, feathered border.  Again adding Enduro Extender to Seagull Grey, I painted to top, with the same uneven, feathered border.  I then mixed 1 to 1 Queenstown Grey with Seagull Grey and worked it into the middle section, spraying with water and blending till I was happy! The final stage was adding a wash of Pearl Plaster by Artisan Enhancements, when it was nearly dry I rubbed it in all directions for texture, movement and depth. The angel wings handles seemed perfect as it looks as though they're floating on a cloud of grey yumminess!



Products Used

  • GF Queenstown Grey Milk Paint
  • GF Seagull Grey Milk Paint
  • Enduro Extender
  • GF HP Topcoat in Satin
  • Pearl Plaster by Artisan Enhancements

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