Oak Ice Box Wine Cabinet

By Greg Lankston, Owner at Wood Magicians in Danville, IN.

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I built this wine cabinet from solid red oak.  I wanted to make it unique and a one of a kind piece.  So to make it really stand out, I custom made the trim and shaping of many pieces.  Then to really add the wow factor I added a custom designed carved toe kick of grape vines and doors with grape clusters.  And to top it off I made a set of custom matched wine glasses with matching grapes laser etched onto them for a totally matched set.  To make it a final perfect apperance I turned to General Finishes as I do on every project.

For the finishing process, I used GF American Oak Gel Stain.  After I went through that process I came back and with a soft bristle brush made a mixture of Van Dyke Brown and Burnt Umber glaze effect to really make the grain and grapes come to life.  Then to add the final touches I used GF high performance Satin  water based topcoat applied with a turbine air spray finishing system.  Then of course many hours of polishing and buffing to get the perfect deep furniture shine and look of a show room floor finish.

Project Category

Products Used

American Oak Gel Stain
Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effect
Burnt Umber Glaze Effect
High Performance Satin Water Based Top Coat

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