By Michael

Winning Category

Network started life on the lathe as a turned sugar maple sphere.  The carving was then laid out on the surface of the sphere and the sphere was then hollowed on 20 axes.  Final form was accomplished   using rotary carving.

Finish, as always starts with a well sanded surface.  Here the form was sanded to 600 grit before applying any finish.  The finish used was a modified linseed oil finish.  2 layers were applied and allowed to cure.  Final finish was accomplished by buffing the surface with the Beal system and then applying Micro-crystalline wax.

The Macassar ebony base was sanded to 800 grit, and finished with one coat of the same finish and Micro-crystalline wax

Products Used

  • Sugar Maple
  • Macassar Ebony
  • Modified linseed oil (Bush Oil)
  • Micro-crystalline wax

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